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Women wishing to become a member of a sorority often have questions about legacy status. A sorority legacy is a potential new member whose specified relative is an initiated member of a sorority. Legacy policies vary by sorority, and Alpha Gam is no exception.

An Alpha Gamma Delta legacy is a woman who is a daughter, step-daughter, sister, step-sister, granddaughter or step-granddaughter to an Alpha Gamma Delta member in Good Standing.

Our Legacy Policy states:

“An Alpha Gamma Delta legacy should be extended the same courtesy that is given to all recruitment guests.”

Does being an Alpha Gamma Delta legacy help me during sorority recruitment?

Our Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose states:

“To cultivate acquaintance with many whom I meet…”

Our members love getting to know our legacies during recruitment, as it is a special chance to meet women who have a legacy connection to our Fraternity. However, to receive an invitation for membership, a legacy must qualify for membership in her own right. Effective June 1, 2021, chapters will no longer be required to extend legacies an automatic invitation following the first round of Primary Recruitment nor consider legacy status when determining the final bid list order. This change is consistent with the goal of eliminating barriers to membership and is in line with several other National Panhellenic Conference organizations. 

How does a chapter know who is a legacy?

At most universities, the sorority registration form provides an area for PNMs to designate the fraternity/sorority affiliation of family members. In many cases, an Alpha Gam chapter may receive a Recruitment Information Form identifying a PNM as a legacy.

What if I’m not a legacy?

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity desires a positive recruitment experience for all PNMs. Regardless of legacy affiliations, we encourage PNMs to participate in recruitment with an open mind. Each NPC organization offers extraordinary and impactful experiences.

As a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, will I know ahead of time if my sister, daughter, granddaughter, etc. will receive a bid or not?

To protect the legacy’s privacy and uphold chapter confidentiality, the Fraternity gives responsibility to the PNM to communicate her release.

Alpha Gamma Delta chapters are not to call a PNM’s legacy connection upon her release nor are they to provide information about the status of a legacy or any other PNM during recruitment. The Fraternity respects every PNM’s right to make her own decision and to choose how and when she informs others. While Alpha Gam recognizes the value of the legacy relationship, the Fraternity also respects PNM privacy and each chapter’s confidentiality during the Membership Selection process.

As a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, how can I let a chapter know about a legacy connection?

We encourage all members and non-members to submit a RIF to identify a PNM as a legacy.

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