To hold truth inviolable, sincerityessential, kindness invaluable.

Each day, we strive to listen, converse, reflect, learn and act so Alpha Gamma Delta’s voice speaks to our entire membership.
We realize that voice has not been loud enough.


To our Black membersand all our members of colorwe see you, we value you and we stand beside you.  

While our members represent many backgrounds, races, religions and cultureswe must acknowledge most of us cannot begin to truly understand the injustices and discrimination you face because of the color of your skin. 

We must recognize the impact the needless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and countless others have on the wellness and vibrance of our members.   

We must work to enact true, long-lasting change and dismantle systemic racism within our organization.


Our initial statement, released on May 29, and our observance of #BlackOutTuesday have received a wide range of feedback. From love, support and pride to shame, disappointment and anger, your engagement reminds us how important it is to provide opportunities for our members to have real, robust conversations about race, privilege, bias and the experiences of our members of color. 

We have used this time to work together on clear, actionable next steps. While it's easy to act or govern on gut reactions, its important we are intentional and provide meaningful actions. 


We commit to ensuring a zero-tolerance policy toward racism, discrimination and bigotry. We acknowledge our exclusionary history and racist acts of individual members.


  • Re-evaluate our Membership Eligibility Statement to ensure maximum clarity around anti-discrimination language.
  • Continue work with our Membership Growth Team to ensure collegiate members and advisors understand the steps to take if discrimination is suspected at any point in the membership selection process. 
  • Continue updates to new member materials and programs to ensure expectations of membership are clear regarding anti-racism and our zero-tolerance policy. 
  • Finalize our new Change in Membership Status (CIMS) process and ensurthe new process for suspending or expelling a member who has committed intentionally racist or bigoted acts is handled swiftly and in accordance with our zero-tolerance policy. 
  • Provide thoughtful and intentional training on diversity, equity and inclusion for all levels of leadership on an annual basis, including International Council and IHQ staff and volunteerscollegiate advisor teams, as well as collegiate and alumnae officers.
  • Work with our Documents Audit Committee to ensure all chapter documents are reviewed and appropriate expectations of chapter members regarding anti-racism, inclusion and equity are clearly defined. 
  • Earnestly champion NPC and our NPC partner organizations to seek solutions to attract a more diverse potential new member (PNM) pool in the Primary Recruitment process. 
  • Work with our collegiate chapters to develop plans that will attract a more diverse PNM pool during the COB or Continuous Recruiting process. 


We commit to providing space for our Black members and members of color to share their experiences if they so choose. 


  • Implemented forums for our Black members and members of color to provide voluntary feedback. Four town hall events were held between June 7-11.
  • Continue to gather anonymous information from our members through a voluntary survey. Click here to view survey results collected through June 17. We will continue to update this as more feedback is received.
  • Continue to work with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to provide opportunities for our members to have real, robust conversations about race, privilege, bias and the experiences of our black members and members of color. 


We commit to re-evaluate every aspect of our member experience, including training, our policies, recruitment, programming and Ritual. No part of our organization will be ignored.


  • Implement stronger, clearer language regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in a more prominent space in the Epsilon Pi Journeyour member experience programming (to be released fall 2020).
  • Continue to evaluate the collegiate officer structure to determine where responsibility lies for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives/policies. 
  • Explore additional avenues with the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation to secure funding for racial justice education. 
  • Provide ongoing resources to members of ages, such as an insightful discussion on power and privilege with our sister, Dr. Ericka Roland, on Alpha Gam’s podcast, Love Lead Listen
  • Examine each policy and procedure in Alpha Gamma Delta to ensure they are inclusive and equitable for all members. 
  • Examine every Ritual ceremony and service in Alpha Gamma Delta to ensure they are inclusive and equitable for all members. 
  • Evaluate all programming provided by Alpha Gamma Delta to ensure it is inclusive and equitable for all our members.
  • Examine all our recruitment practices and membership selection procedures to ensure they are inclusive and equitable for all members and PNMsAdditionally, we will ensure all collegiate members. and chapter leaders are equipped to respond and report any suspected discriminatory practices in membership selection. 
  • Highlight and formally recognize our chapters and leaders who are doing important work to help our Fraternity advance in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Address new and existing initiatives and actions surrounding diversity and inclusion in upcoming issues of the Quarterly.

While we may not always get it right every timewe are committed to continual learning—and we ask you to do the same. 

We encourage all collegiate chapters, alumnae groups and individual members to support the communities where you are placed—especially in the areas of race, privilege, bias and the experiences of our members 

Before you begin, we ask you to review the guidance provided in the dropdown menus below.