Alpha Gamma Delta has developed guidelines to ensure our name, symbols and marks are showcased consistently. This helps us create a strong brand identity and increase recognition of Alpha Gamma Delta. These guidelines are to be used by members as well as vendors in order to ensure a cohesive representation of our organization. Any vendor duplicating our name and marks must be licensed.

What does all of this mean?

It is important for all chapters and individual members to seek out licensed vendors in order to assure the Fraternity is being represented in the best way possible and that the Fraternity’s trademarks are being used legally. A list of all licensed vendors can be found here. The best way to ensure all Fraternity trademarks are being respected is to contact the Alpha Gam Boutique here. The Boutique can help answer questions and even work with you to create a custom order!

What is Greek Licensing?

Greek organizations’ trademark rights have been affirmed by federal courts. Just like other trademark owners (colleges, universities, sports teams), Greek organizations have the right and obligation to claim ownership of their marks and control use of those marks. We regulate this through licensing programs.

What are trademarks?

Alpha Gamma Delta’s trademarks include the Fraternity name, nicknames, Greek letters, armorial bearings (crest) and Badge. Any use of these marks or marks that are similar must be granted through a license agreement.

What are our rights?

A member’s right to use the Fraternity trademarks is limited to non-commercial personal use. Outside of this limited use, a member of the Fraternity is required to follow the same legal obligations as other vendors. Even if a person or vendor is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, they must be licensed to distribute our trademarks.

What about custom and chapter orders?

Licensing applies whenever an agreement between two or more parties involves the exchange of items of value. Neither an individual of a chapter nor a chapter as a whole have the right to grant commercial use of the trademarks to a third party. Only International Headquarters has the authority to grant commercial use of trademarks. This means that any third party recreating and distributing items with our trademarks must be licensed.

Why does this matter?

Licensing is important for our members because it’s the best way to ensure quality products and services adhere to the Fraternity’s standards while positively representing our membership (that’s you!). Additionally, royalties collected ultimately benefit Fraternity members. Royalties help support the Fraternity in education programming, leadership trainings and overall experience.