Q: How much are Alumnae Dues? 

A: Alumnae Dues are currently $40 annually. 

Q: Didn’t I already pay a lifetime membership fee? 

A: At one point you may have paid something called Lifetime Membership Alumnae Dues; however, that program is no longer active. Annual Alumnae Dues help cover the ever-increasing costs related to day-to-day operations, including: 

  • Volunteer Service Team training and support  
  • Regional and online professional and personal development for alumna 
  • Focus groups and task forces impacting our future endeavors 
  • Extension and provisional chapter establishment  
  • Recruitment efforts & more! 

Q: Are annual Alumnae Dues tax deductible? 

A: Alpha Gamma Delta is a 501(c) 7 organization which means membership fees are not tax deductible 

Q: I already give to the Foundation. How is this different? 

A: Alumnae Dues benefit the Fraternity’s operating budget and are not meant to replace your generous donations to the many outstanding philanthropic opportunities, leadership training programsscholarships and grants supported by the Foundation 

Q: Are Alumnae Dues the same as paying local alumnae chapter/club dues? 

A: No. Each alumnae chapter sets its own locally managed dues. Alumnae chapter/club dues do not financially support the Fraternity. 

Q: Are Alumnae Dues required? 

A: Alumnae Dues are required for members of the Volunteer Service Team.

For general alumnae, alumnae dues are voluntary and not required to be a member in Good Standing

Q: How will the money collected be spent?

A: Annual alumnae dues provide us with the important resources we need to sustain the organization, allowing us to allocate those dollars where they are needed most, and to continue moving forward and growing as a Fraternity. Your support will help us serve the next generation of Alpha Gams

Q: Is there a deadline? 

A: Yes! Alumnae dues must be paid by May 31the end of our fiscal year. Alumnae Dues for the 2023-24 fiscal year are due by May 31, 2024While you cannot proactively pay dues for the upcoming year, you can retroactively pay dues for the past year. 

Q: How can I pay my Alumnae Dues? 

A: Paying Alumnae Dues each year is easy! 

Alpha Gamma Delta
Attn: Alumnae Dues
8710 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Q: Aren't $40 annual dues relatively low compared ot other national and professional membership organizations?

A: Yes, the amount is low compared to the dues of other membership organizations (i.e., Junior League). Those organizations are then able to provide ample programming, events and engagement opportunities for their members. Alpha Gam hopes that by encouraging all alumnae to pay International Alumnae Dues, we will be able to elevate our Fraternity and member experience.

Q: How can I stay connected to Alpha Gam and demonstrate that I believe membership is a lifelong commitment?

A: Involvement in and support of Alpha Gamma Delta is different for everyone. We know that in different seasons of your life, the time, treasure and talent you are able to contribute will vary. Here are some ways you can support and stay connected to Alpha Gam:

Q: I have additional questions. Who should I contact? 

A: Call the Alumnae Engagement Specialist at 317.663.4200 or complete this contact form. For more information on alumnae chapters/clubs in your area, please visit the Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter Locator.