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Welcome to Love Lead Listen, a podcast from Alpha Gamma Delta. We’re here to talk about the important stuff, things that affect women of today. We’ll interview a variety of experts on topics ranging from being a boss, navigating working as a woman in a man’s world, how to get rid of our inner critic and much more. New episodes are released every other Thursday. Join us as we love, lead and listen our way to becoming women with even greater purpose. Note: Views and opinions expressed are those of podcast guests and do not necessarily represent those of Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity.


You're Not an Imposter with Dr. Daryl Appleton and Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbacher

Seventy-five percent of women will experience imposter syndrome during their lifetime. Dr. Daryl Appleton and Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbacher, LMHC, walk us through why women experience imposter syndrome, and what we can do about it. Listen to this week's episode to find out everything you need to know about battling imposter syndrome.


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