Going through Recruitment can be nerve-wracking! We want to ensure you have the best experience possible, so check out a few of these tips:

Be prepared. Lay out your outfit the night before, plan your transportation route in advance, double check your schedule every day to ensure you arrive to “parties” early and have questions prepared for chapter members you meet. Know your resume and be prepared to answer a lot of questions—but remember, it’s just a conversation, so don’t be nervous!

Primary Recruitment is made up of multiple rounds, also called parties, that require different attire! Everyone could use some retail therapy here and there, but no one wants expects you to break the bank for Primary Recruitment. Here are three ways you can dress up any outfit without busting out your wallet:

  1. Add a statement necklace
  2. Paint your nails
  3. Wear a pair of wedges

Every school’s Primary Recruitment is different. Be sure to find out what your university’s recruitment requirements are so that you know exactly what to wear and what to expect!

Pack a bag. With the amount of parties you will be attending, you’ll probably need some light refreshes! Pack a bag with these items to help you get through the day:

  • A refillable water bottle
  • Lipstick, mints and deodorant to freshen up between parties
  • Flats—you will want to relieve your tootsies!
  • Snacks to keep you energized. You might have a party during a mealtime.

Other items to think about bringing include a hairbrush, phone charger or even a portable fan if it’s really hot.

Remember self-care. Feel free to drink the water or beverage served and eat, if offered food, in recruitment. We want you to enjoy yourself! Rest will keep you energized throughout the week.

Maximize your options. Every day you have the choice to keep an open mind about the options you are given. Stay positive and remember that you are looking for a place to call home!

Make new friends. Get to know other women during recruitment while waiting in line outside parties, when sharing snacks and in your recruitment groups. Toward the end of the week, be sure to take look around at the women attending the same parties as you—they may be in your future pledge class.

Find your confidant. Whether it is your recruitment counselor, mom, sister or roommate, you will need someone to share your emotions with during the week and be your anchor.

Be yourself. Don’t stress the small stuff. If you spill your water in a party or have a small stain on your outfit, just rock it! Chapter members are there to get to know you for who you are, including your passions and personality, so let them see it.


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