Alpha Gam Always: Applying Recruitment Skills to Networking in the Real World

APPLYING RECRUITMENT SKILLS TO NETWORKING IN THE REAL WORLD There are countless stereotypes against sorority women—paying for friends, dating only fraternity guys, partying all the time—and none of them reign true. In fact, joining a sorority puts you ahead of your non-fraternity/sorority member friends after graduation.  ... Continue Reading >

Planning A Successful Philanthropy Recruitment Round

PLANNING A SUCCESSFUL PHILANTHROPY RECRUITMENT ROUND The following post was written by guest blogger Catherine Barber, Gamma Delta–Auburn University. Prior to this summer’s International Convention, a Philanthropy Recruitment Round Expo was held during pre-con events. If you missed out on the Fraternity’s Golden Convention, don’t ... Continue Reading >

Alpha Gamma Delta Legacy Q&A

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA LEGACY Q&A Women wishing to become a member of a sorority often have questions about legacy status. A sorority legacy is a potential new member (PNM) whose specified relative is an initiated member of a sorority. Legacy policies vary by sorority, and ... Continue Reading >

Recruitment Advice for the Parent

RECRUITMENT ADVICE FOR THE PARENT Whether or not you were a part of a fraternity/sorority organization while in college, you can agree a lot has changed since then. Here are a few tips if your daughter has decided to participate in her school’s sorority recruitment ... Continue Reading >