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The following post was written by guest blogger Megan McNeal, Theta Delta–University of North Georgia.

home [noun]: one’s place of residence.

The definition of home means something different to everyone; however, going through recruitment can give it a whole new meaning. To me, the true meaning of home came the moment I joined Alpha Gamma Delta. It meant being constantly surrounded by love, support and encouragement. Although everyone has a different reason for participating in Primary Recruitment, everyone hopes to find their home, their support system, their sisterhood.

There are many stories and paths that can lead to this home. There is not a secret recipe or strategy to finding it. Some women know from day one of recruitment and others may not feel truly at home until well into their pledge period—and that is perfectly okay. The most involved, dedicated and passionate sister in your chapter may not have even known right away. No matter your journey, it shapes you into the loving and purposeful sister you’re meant to be.

For me, I first felt it when I looked at the women within my chapter, I saw women who were strong, passionate, ambitious and fearless. I was a quiet and timid freshman and Alpha Gamma Delta was the exact opposite of that. I was drawn to the character and ambition of the women—and I wanted to be part of their sisterhood.

On Bid Day, I was immediately embraced with love, and—in that moment—I knew I found my home. The thought of joining a sorority was so completely outside of my comfort zone that I almost let my fears hold me back. But mere minutes after opening my bid card, I knew these women would mean so much to me—in the coming days and the coming years. These women are the ones who will stick by me tighter than a pair of skinny jeans.

Primary Recruitment is a whirlwind—and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. My biggest piece of advice is to not let your fears hold you back. I took a leap of faith and, in return, Alpha Gam has given me more than I could ever ask for.

As you go through recruitment, allow yourself to be authentic and vulnerable. Your future sisters will want you for who you are. Just like anything in your life, you will get out of the experience what you put into it. Open your heart—you may just find a home that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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