P – Prepare for first impressions. Recruitment is full of first impressions! Every member of each chapter you meet will give you a first impression of her organization, and you will give first impressions when you meet a recruitment counselor, chapter member and other potential new members. Remember to dress accordingly and start every conversation with a smile and introduction. Your conversations with each chapter member will be limited, so first impressions are important. You never know—you could be meeting a lifelong sister and friend!

R – Research sorority life on your college campus. Before recruitment, it’s important to research each chapter on your campus. Social media gives you a glimpse into what sorority life looks like on your specific campus, so visit your school’s fraternity/sorority life website to learn more. Most institutions post various facts about each organization, such as chapter grade point averages, community service hours, philanthropy donations and more. Social media is another great place to do research! Check out each chapter’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Scroll through each feed to see what they’ve been up to throughout the past year.

E – Educate yourself on what to expect. Like any situation, knowing what to expect during recruitment will help you make the most of your experience. Find out how many rounds of recruitment occur throughout the week and if PNMs receive T-shirts to wear. The Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life often issues a “look book” that showcases outfit examples—click here to view an example from the University of Memphis. Learn the focus of each round and prepare yourself with questions and conversation topics related to those rounds. Examples of recruitment round themes include Meet & Greet, Involvement, Values, Investment, Scholarship, Leadership, Philanthropy & Service, Sisterhood, House Tours and Preference. Figure out what you want most out of the sorority experience and ask intentional questions to determine what chapter will be the best fit for you.

P – Plan ahead. The week of recruitment is fast and furious, which means you must plan ahead to avoid stress. Utilizing a planner or calendar is a good idea, as this will help you plan your schedule around recruitment. Figure out exactly what time you will participate in recruitment each day and, if needed, ask off work during those times. If recruitment occurs after the academic term starts, try to get ahead on homework and studying to avoid staying up late during recruitment. In addition, invite a new friend who is also going through recruitment to take a walk around campus. Mapping out your recruitment route will help you avoid getting lost on a new campus. Your recruitment counselor will also help you navigate your way.

A – Ask for recommendations. Most organizations in the National Panhellenic Conference accept recommendations up until the first day of recruitment. As a best practice, ask a collegian or alumna in Good Standing to write a recommendation letter for you. When you apply for a job, you usually list references—the process is similar during recruitment. Your credibility increases when you have a positive recommendation from a chapter member or alumna.  For more information on submitting recommendations for Alpha Gamma Delta, click here.

R – Rest, both physically and mentally. Recruitment is an exhausting process for potential new members and chapter members. You will meet more people during recruitment week than you’ve probably met in any previous year. Many recruitment schedules are full of long days and have limited breaks; therefore, it’s important you rest physically and mentally when you are done each day. Ensure you are getting enough sleep and taking mental breaks outside of recruitment. Being your best self means taking care of yourself!

E – Enjoy yourself and have fun! Recruitment is a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s important to take everything in one day at a time. Get ready to meet many of the women who will be in most of your very best collegiate memories and become your lifelong friends.

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