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As part of our philanthropic focus of fighting hunger, Alpha Gam actively participates in Hunger Action Month. Every September, people and food banks across the nation join hands with Feeding America to spread the word and act to end hunger. Here are five facts about Feeding America to better acquaint you with one of our two major philanthropic partners.

1. Feeding America food banks distribute, on average, more than eight million pounds of fresh produce each week.

  • Warehouses not only provide canned goods and shelf stable meals, but fresh produce is a big component as well, giving healthy options to those who may not be able to afford it.

2. The Feeding America network is comprised of 200 food banks that support 60,000 food pantries and meal programs.

  • While food banks and pantries both provide food, they do so differently. Food banks are large warehouses that supply food to pantries. They receive pallets of food and break them down into smaller amounts for multiple pantries to distribute. Food pantries are small, local organizations that provide services and food directly to community members.

3. Feeding America’s food banks receive grants from the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

  • When you give to the Foundation, you are also helping to impact the world through Fighting Hunger Grants. Local hunger relief organizations are encouraged to apply for a grant from the Foundation. Click here to view the list of 2017-2018 Fighting Hunger Grant recipients.

4. Feeding America educates people on making healthier choices.

  • Food insecurity is directly related to overall health—learn more here. Feeding America offers programs on making better food choices to help those in need.

5. Feeding America plays a large role in food rescue and waste reduction.

  • A large portion of the fresh produce distributed by Feeding America is provided by farmers and companies that were going to throw it away. Viable food is often wastefully disposed of for a variety of reasons. Customers often turn away food orders because it wasn’t the exact size they ordered, they made changes in their menu or because of transit issues, such as damage to outer packaging. By encouraging farmers and companies to donate this food rather than dispose of it, Feeding America rescued 2.8 billion pounds of food in 2016.

The impact of Feeding America reaches far and wide. What can you do this year to make an impact?


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