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The Full Homes Serving Full Plates initiative was launched by the Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Housing Corporation in fall of 2017 to coincide with the Fraternity’s philanthropic focus—fighting hunger. Full Homes Serving Full Plates targets waste prevention through food recovery by providing resources to chapters with meal services.

Using these resources, chapters can locate partners in their community accepting food donations as well as work with chapter culinary staff to safely package, label and deliver food. Although chapter chefs utilize their industry knowledge and skills to prepare enough food to meet the needs of our members, food waste is still common, as it is difficult to anticipate exactly how many members and guests will eat any given meal.

FHC chapters with meal services can donate extra food to local food banks and service organizations. This initiative should be managed at the chapter level with support from local culinary staff to ensure all donated food is properly handled.

Chapters with meal services can establish their own food donation program by using these seven steps:

  1. Find a community partner
  2. Research local safe food handling procedures
  3. Establish a donation plan
  4. Ensure you have all necessary supplies
  5. Follow up with culinary staff to prepare donations
  6. Label donations
  7. Donate food


To learn more about the process, click here to access the FHC’s Full Homes Serving Full Plates Food Donation Guide.

Chapter Spotlight: During the first semester of the initiative, Delta Alpha—University of Southern California donated 200 packed lunches to PATH: Lunches for Bunches, 200 lbs. of food to the L.A. Food Bank and had multiple sisters regularly volunteer at a local food pantry and soup kitchen.

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