Q: Who should I notify if my college/university takes preventative action?

A: If your university takes preventative action that requires your chapter to cancel meetings or activities, the Chapter President should contact their Chapter Development Manager (CDM). The CDM will work with the CP to identify if events need to be cancelled or rescheduled based on the action taken by your university. Only essential chapter business needs to be completed this academic year.

Q: What is “essential” chapter business?

A: Essential chapter business for the remainder of the academic year includes:

  • Complete the Circle of Excellence (COE) report monthly
    • Approve and submit chapter budget for the 2020-21 academic year (E.C. approval is sufficient until classes resume)
    • Approve and submit REPGs for fall recruiting chapters
  • Monthly Chapter Financial Reports (CFRs) must be submitted via Vault
  • Discuss proposed bylaw amendments in preparation for International Convention 2020 (these will be emailed no later than March 18)
  • Vote for the 2020-22 International Council (online voting ends April 6)

Q: What if our college/university has cancelled activities through the remainder of the academic year?

A: You can conduct chapter business virtually. Initiation will be rescheduled to the beginning of the Fall term.

Q: How should we host virtual meetings?

A: This depends on how much and what business your chapter still needs to conduct at the time meetings and activities are cancelled. Work with your Chapter Advisor and CDM to determine the best option for your chapter. Click here for virtual meeting options that are available at no cost for various audiences.

Q: What should we do about chapter dues and fees if activities are cancelled due to COVID-19?

A: Chapter officers should work with their Finance and Chapter Advisors to determine if it is appropriate and if the chapter is able to pro-rate and/or refund dues. Chapters should consider the amount of activities that have already been offered during the academic term to make determinations about appropriate pro-rate and/or refund amounts.

Q: We have members returning from study abroad, what should we do?

A: Members returning from study abroad should follow guidance from the college/university’s study abroad office regarding returning to campus.

Q: Will this interruption affect our Good Standing?

A: Your CDM will work with you to ensure that your Good Standing requirements are not negatively impacted by these cancellations. Continue to document and submit information regarding plans and cancellations through the COE.

Q: Will the Fraternity still have International Convention?

A: The Fraternity is continuing to monitor the progression of the coronavirus outbreak and the cities it is impacting. Plans are continuing as normal regarding Convention 2020 in Phoenix. Please monitor your email inbox as this will be the method of communication should any decisions need to be shared.