Costume Dinner
Costume Dinner
Ritual Attire
Ritual Attire
Cocktail Attire
Business Professional Attire
Business Professional Attire
Formal Attire
Formal Attire

Packing for Convention can feel overwhelming with all the outfit changes. This will be my ninth Convention since 1997, and I have packed everything from a Scuba Squirrel costume to a Statue of Liberty hat (Historically, the first night of Convention was a Costume Dinner sponsored by the Foundation). 
We won’t be donning anything like that this time around, but there’s still a lot to plan for and it’s helpful to break it down. Marie Ford Palmer, Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia, created a Convention Packing Matrix many years ago, and it inspired me to create my own for Convention 2022.

Wednesday: Travel Day 

Wear something comfortable, but professional. I sometimes see people board the airplane in pajamas. Unless you are under the age of two, don’t get *that* comfy. You are encouraged to wear Alpha Gam letters, especially if you are attending the Academy for Chapter Advisors.   

Thursday: School Spirit 

Wear business attire in your school colors. Not to spoil the surprise, but I will be wearing a dress with my school mascot’s pattern. Go Zips! 
Thursday evening is a free night to explore Louisville with sisters, so wear whatever you like!

Friday: Daytime 

This year is a little different as our Epsilon Pi festivities are during the day instead of the evening. 

For the day, get out your whites, creams, ivories and pale pastels (for alumnae). I may try a pastel this year—I haven’t decided. If I do, I have some decisions to make between a very light daffodil yellow, blush or dewdrop green. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Dresses should be respectful and below the knee. 

• Pants are allowed. 

• Sleeveless tops are okay, but have a wrap, shawl or light sweater—it is always cold at Convention. 

• You will see lace, rhinestones and glitz at this event, but it doesn’t have to be embellished. Classy and elegant always works.

• For more in-depth Ritual attire guidelines, click here

Friday: Evening 

Put on the glitz and glam for the Awards Show Dinner and Red Carpet! Cocktail attire is requested—think of what you would wear to a wedding.

Saturday: Red, Buff, and Green 

Bring your best Alpha Gam colors in business professional clothing! 

Hint: Red is a popular color on this day, so you will be snagged for lots of photos to make the trio complete if you wear buff or green. To make things easier, yellow is a perfectly fine substitute for buff. 

Saturday: Evening 

Feast of Roses requires “After Five” or formal attire. This is a bit more formal than cocktail attire—think of it as being part of a wedding party, and you get to choose your dress as opposed to the flirty, short dress you would wear as a wedding guest. It’s completely fine to wear a shorter dress, but it should be a tad dressier—this is a special night with candles, toasts and tender moments. 

Sunday: Travel Day 

Bring some Kleenex to wipe away the tears after leaving your sisters. Attire should be similar to what you wore on your first travel day. 

General Tips 

Here are a few more general guidelines and tips for your Convention outfits:

• Always have a sweater. It gets chilly in the meeting rooms and during meals. I remember covering up with the tablecloth at Feast of Roses one year because we couldn’t get warm. (I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Just bring a sweater instead; it’s much more fashionable). 

• Bring some flats for when your feet get sore. Check out this super comfy pair from Amazon—they come in so many colors! 

• Speaking of shoes, don’t overdo it. Almost every year, there is an unofficial contest for the prestigious “Brought the Most Shoes to Convention” award.

Still not sure what to wear? Click here to view the full Convention 2022 Event Schedule and outfit details.

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This blog post was written by Laurie Vesalo, Omega–University of Akron. She has served the Fraternity in various roles, including as a Leadership Consultant. Laurie currently serves on the Volunteer Service Team as a member of the Archives Committee and as Vice President of the Akron Alumnae Chapter.

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