The following post was written by Maggie Hackman, Epsilon–University of Kentucky, Marketing Manager for the Fraternity Housing Corporation. 

This past academic year certainly threw our members for some loops and forced us all to be flexible, creative and intentional about sisterhood. As you prepare to return to campus and move into your chapter house, here are a few pieces of advice to get you excited and prepared: 

1. Connect with your roommate.

It is so important—and fun—to connect with your roommate before moving into the chapter house. Whether you want to pick a decor theme or swap gameday outfits, your roommate is the perfect person to chat with this summer to get excited for move-in! Once you move in, you will have the opportunity to complete a Roommate Agreement that outlines your individual preferences and ensures your friendship stays strong and healthy while living together. 

2. Bring personal touches.

As beautiful and well-decorated as the house may be, it’s great to bring personal touches for your bedroom to make you smile and remind you of the people, places and things you love. Consider bringing a photo collage of hometown friends, a favorite stuffed animal or that Alpha Gam canvas your big sis painted for you. Personalizing your bedroom will help you feel at home and let sisters get to know more about you, your style and the things you care about! 

Maggie Hackman sitting on the stairs of an Alpha Gam house. She is wearing her Leadership Consultant attire.

3. Take advantage of every moment.

Living in the chapter house with my sisters gave me enough laughter and memories to last a lifetime. The chapter house is the best place to make connections, foster friendships and meet women who will remain your best friends for life. As you prepare to live in the house, get ready to take advantage of every minute! Watch that movie you have already seen, watch one more episode of “Schitt’s Creek” and stay up laughing until you cry—even if it’s already been a long day. These are the memories you will remember years from now and will make living in the house such a rewarding experience. 

I am so excited for each one of you who is about to experience the joy and love that comes from living in your chapter house. Take advantage of every moment, hold your sisters close and know you are making the memories that will bring you happiness for years to come! 

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