The following post was written by Jenna Kelly, Epsilon–University of Kentucky.  

Prologue: Due to a lengthy construction and execution process, members from the Epsilon Chapter at the University of Kentucky have not occupied their historic chapter home since spring 2018. Now that the nearly 3-year, $5.4M renovation and addition is complete, members have moved back in. The Fraternity Housing Corporation thanks the Epsilon members, advisors and alumnae for their patience and support during this process and is excited to welcome the chapter home. 

Walking through the doors of our chapter house was something I had done countless times my freshman year, but this time was different. I was moving into “the Nut House,” the place I’d call home for the rest of my undergraduate experience. The place I’d finally get to stay up late with my sisters, dancing to loud music, laughing until we cry and falling asleep on the couch.  

While the house is filled with Epsilon’s historic silverware and books—along with new modern pieces of art and decor—it is also filled with my most favorite people. My “littles” live just down the hall from me, and I love knowing they are never far. I have spent my collegiate years in Alpha Gam cultivating amazing friendships. How lucky am I that God has placed these women, and this house, in my life during my senior year?  

As a senior, I spend a lot of my time in the study room where I use the whiteboard and move tables to work on group projects and help my study buddies. The basement lounge is my personal choice for relaxing and watching Netflix—I love it there. As I write, I can hear my sisters laughing at the dining tables and discussing delicious food Chef Kyle has prepared. Sharing meals with my friends brings me so much joy.  

As graduation approaches, I hold tight to these moments, knowing they are fleeting.  

While I won’t be here next year to see it, I know the house will be filled with overwhelming love, joy and sweet moments. I’ve imagined Bid Day 2021 countless times. New members will run home to the Epsilon house—just as I did four years ago—and meet their forever friends, in their forever home of Alpha Gamma Delta. The dining room will be filled with women in Alpha Gam shirts. The tables will be covered with bags, and the house splattered with posters and banners. The speakers will blast music as my sisters sing and dance.  

While it was never the house that made Alpha Gam home, it is certainly better than ever—so are our women. My live-in experience has changed who I am for good. I am a kinder, happier member because this home is open to me and my sisters.  

I wish for nothing more than even more days at the Nut House.  

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