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The following post originally appeared in the Summer 1991 issue of the Quarterly.  

Cited by Glamour Magazine (February 1991) as a “Woman to Watch,” May Scheve, Epsilon Alpha–University of Missouri, is the youngest member of the Missouri General Assembly. A 26-year-old Democrat, May defeated 12-year incumbent in a strong Republican district.

Her secret to this accomplishment, she claims, was a massive door-­to-door campaign that covered the entire South County district of 31,500 residents.  

“I knocked on every door in the district,” Scheve told Glamour. “People said, ‘Honey, is your mom running?” But her age won voters over, she feels.  

“So few young people even vote. It’s exciting for people to see a young person who cares,” she said. 

May’s top priority is senior citizens.  

“The main reason I targeted senior citizen issues is because of my personal history with my family. I lived with a mom, dad, grandpa and uncle who all ran across some medical hurdles,” she said.  

Driven by these concerns, May was responsible for passing two amendments related to senior citizens—Home Health Care Medicaid Vouchers for seniors and circuit breaker tax credits for disabled individuals 62-years or older. She was also fortunate to pass a bill concerning public safety standards.  

As freshman legislator, May took on an added responsibility by running for and winning the vice presidency of Women Legislators of Missouri. Her main task with this position is to set the legislative agenda. The organization’s goal to focus energy on legislation that directly affects women. 

May was also appointed to the Appropriations–Health and Mental Health Committee and was elected as chair of the Freshman Leadership Council. 

“I love my job,” May emphasized. “I really enjoy being a legislator. I find it to be a challenge, but I also find it very interesting to see firsthand how the system works.” 

Where is she now? 

May Scheve Reardon still resides in Missouri and is now the Executive Director for the Missouri Lottery. She serves as the president for the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries covering the U.S., Canada and Mexico. She was a State Representative for 12 years, chair of the Missouri Democratic Party for two years and is the first woman to be the Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery. 

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