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Behind the Scenes—Alpha Gam Boutique Edition

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a Boutique photoshoot? We are pulling back the curtain to give you an inside look at how we photograph merchandise available from the Alpha Gam Boutique.  


There’s an art to selecting which items to photograph and promote. For clothing, we like to highlight our newest arrivals, as they typically have the best assortment of sizing options. Factors such as target audience and where the photos will appear are considered. For example, apparel that might appeal to collegiate members is more successfully promoted on Instagram and gift items that could appeal to alumnae or parents are better suited for direct mail or in the Quarterly magazine. We knew fall staples like the Alpha Gam Crewneck Sherpa and Alpha Gam Crewneck Sweatshirt would be a great look for our collegiate members, so we made sure to include them in our most recent shoot. 


Choosing the backdrop for a photo shoot is the first crucial decision. Not only should it take into account the product’s intended season, the surroundings should complement the highlighted apparel or merchandise. When it comes to outdoor shoots, time of day is a factor, as is direction of the sun in relation to you preferred backdrop. Items such as jewelry and other gift items are best shot on a minimal, high-contrast background. For example, stocking stuffers included in our Holiday Gift Guide were shot from above on a cozy white fur backdrop and accented with holiday greenery. 

At our recent fall shoot, we chose a natural, outdoor setting in shaded areas to complement the style and tone of the apparel and season.  


Choosing models for a photo shoot is another big decision. Whenever possible, we like to feature multiple photos of each piece on a variety of body types and from various angles. We also love when being able to photograph our apparel on the women who will wear it IRL—our sisters. The Boutique is located inside IHQ in central Indiana, so we reached out to our Beta Tau Chapter an hour away at Ball State University to see if any members could assist with our fall photo shoot (thank you, sisters!).  

We also love sharing photos of YOU in YOUR favorite Boutique items! Share yours with the hashtag #WearAlphaGam or tag us on Insta @alphagamboutique


Accessories add polish to a photo shoot and can pull it all together—and it’s one of our favorite ways to pack as much Alpha Gam into one picture as we can. From jewelry and hats to jackets and sunglasses, the Boutique has countless options for completing your look. Always remember— confidence is the best accessory (but these new black and white buttons are a close second!). 

To shop our newest arrivals, head over to alphagamboutique.org. For more behind-the-scenes looks and to see how other members style their Alpha Gam apparel, follow us on Instagram @alphagamboutique  

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