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Ways to volunteer during a pandemic

The following post was written by guest blogger Erin White, Communications Manager for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. 

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If your soul is feeling a little empty, raise your hand… 

We tried yoga (thanks, Yoga By Adrienne!), at-home facials, meditation apps, setting new routines and listening to podcasts…and, yet, something was still missing. 

It took being asked to write this blog to figure it out. Involvement. 


The pandemic took away our involvement in our community.  

It only took a little thinking outside the box to realize that being involved is only as limited as your purview. By getting creative and going beyond the traditional “walk in and volunteer” plan, you can still make an impact in your community while staying healthy and safe.  

Hunger Action Month is a great time to get started. Reach out to your local Meals on Wheels collect canned goods or other non-perishable foods for your local Little Free Pantry, making holiday cards to be delivered by Meals on Wheels volunteers in December, advocate by writing letters to your local representatives, and visiting your local foodbank’s website to see how else you can support them right now. I was really surprised at the many ways I could fill my service bucket during this crazy time.   


Beyond Alpha Gam’s philanthropic focus of fighting hunger, there is more work that needs to be done in the communities where we are placed. Here’s list of ways to get involved during a pandemic. 

  • Give blood 
  • Write letters to healthcare providers or residents of assisted care or nursing homes 
  • Babysit for free—a few hours can make a huge difference for someone who needs to run errands, grab groceries or vote on election day! 
  • Pick up groceries or prescriptions for someone who doesn’t feel safe leaving the house 
  • Clean someone’s house or mow their lawn 
  • Cook a meal or bake desserts (for first responders, a working mom or just to brighten someone’s day) 
  • Walk your neighbor’s dog 
  • Sew and donate masks 
  • Tutor or mentor students 
  • Volunteer to help facilitate at-home learning for a busy parent trying to navigate school and work on a tight deadline  
  • Leave positive notes with sidewalk chalk 
  • Pick up trash on a walk or hike 

Check out allforgood.org, a website for finding volunteer opportunities specific to your community. Who knows, you may end up hosting an exchange student or be the next volunteer firefighter!  

Go forth, refill your soul—and remember–we’re better together. 

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