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The following post was written by guest blogger Lexi Torrence, Theta Omega–University of South Carolina.

Dear Little Sis,

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I welcomed you home. You’ve been putting up with my shenanigans since the beginning!

Tonight, you will get a Little of your own. I’m still covered in paint and glitter from our late-night crafting session, but the last canvas has dried and now—the only thing left—is for my Grand Little to find out who you are.

As a senior, every experience has become a “last,” so nights like tonight are so precious to me right now. Last recruitment, last Bid Day, last first function and now last Big/Little reveal. I’m more dedicated than ever to make every memory beautiful and full—and I’m so blessed to have a friend, sister and Little like you to share these moments with.

To the newest addition to our family and woman of the hour, know you’ve been given a Big who is one of the smartest, most sincere women I know. I mean, her goal in life is to LITERALLY cure cancer. What can top that? My journalism degree is quaking in its boots.

As I look back on the past year, I remember the first time I talked to you. It was the new member retreat and I was one of the older members there. I saw you and I thought “Wow, I could never rock bangs like hers.” To this day no one has had hair that has left more of an impact on my life.

I immediately ran over to you (and your bangs) and demanded you jump on stage and sing karaoke with me. You didn’t want to, but you did—and it was the first of many great adventures together.

Thank you for putting up with me when I’m my most hectic, cranky and frazzled self. Thank you for listening to my complaints about my writing class, even though you’re taking two different types of chemistries (neither of which I can begin to understand).

Thanks for always going with it when I inevitably take at least one wrong turn whenever I drive us anywhere. Also, apologies for always trying to take you to restaurants without any gluten free options. Shout out to ice cream for always being a safe option!

But—in all seriousness—it’s been a privilege being your Big Sis. It has been even more of an honor to be your friend.

As graduation looms, I can’t help but look back at all of the amazing times we’ve had, and I’m comforted by knowing our friendship will outlast the flipping of a graduation tassel.

We may someday be on opposite sides of the world chasing different dreams and living our best lives, but we will always be connected by our bond as friends and sisters.

I love you and am so proud of you. I can’t wait to meet your own Little! I hope she brings you the same endless amount of joy, excitement and friendship you’ve given me.


Your Big

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