The following post was written by guest blogger Anna Kerlin, Gamma Phi–Georgia Institute of Technology, former Recruitment Specialist for the Fraternity.

Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but I would beg to differ—it’s recruitment season! Sororities on college campuses participating in Primary Recruitment are in full preparation mode to welcome potential new members (PNMs) and share what their organizations are all about. But what exactly happens during recruitment?

  1. You will talk to a LOT of people! The chapter members are eager to learn more about you, but you will also have a lot of opportunities to learn more about them. If your meaningful conversation gets interrupted by another member, don’t be discouraged. It’s important that you meet a lot of members and not form your entire opinion on just one encounter.
  2. Each day of recruitment is usually tailored to a specific theme. For instance, one day you may learn about each chapter’s philanthropic focus and the types of volunteer activities they participate in. Another day may focus on the chapter’s sisterhood and values. Each day is designed to give you a deeper look at each chapter.
  3. The chapter members will likely be in coordinating outfits. They may be wearing the same color or complimentary colors or prints. No—they do not always dress alike! Coordinating outfits helps differentiate chapter members from PNMs and other sororities.
  4. SINGING! Chapter members will probably sing songs to you as you walk into and out of each round of recruitment.
  5. Sorority members—including alumnae—are under “strict silence” during recruitment week, meaning they are not allowed to talk to PNMs outside of recruitment parties in any way, including verbally, over the phone or through social media. This usually begins at kick-off or round one and ends on Bid Day.
  6. Recruitment is meant to be FUN! You will have a blast meeting other sorority women and PNMs. Soak it up!

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