The following post was written by guest blogger Melissa Cornett, Gamma Iota–Mercer University. 

Recruitment is a fun and exciting time. From hanging decorations to planning each round of recruitmenta lot of work goes into it for each Alpha Gamma Delta chapter. One area that should be polished every bit as much as the silver on display is conversation skills. Here’s now: 

Be active in the conversation.  
Smile, interact, ask questions and be a great listener. After a few days, it can be exhausting to be active and engaged in a conversationbut any pep in your step can make a difference and impact a Potential New Member 

Be Yourself.  
Treat the conversation as you would with a dear friend. Deeper interactions can result in better understanding and will help you remember each young woman from each roundAs the PNM will also have many conversations each day, a genuine conversation will be remembered much more easily. 

Remember the Five Fs: Friends, Family, Fun, Future and Favorites 
Work through any awkward pauses or conversation lulls with the Five Fs. Whenever the conversation hits a difficult turn, ask the PNM about her family, friends or favorite things to do. You may be surprised at what commonalities you find along the way.  

Avoid Yes or No Questions. 
To help keep the conversation fluid, avoid asking questions that cut the conversation off. For example, asking a PNM “Did you have class today?” could result in a simple yes or no. But asking a question like “What is your favorite class so far?” can lead to a deeper conversation and connection.  

Don’t sweat the small stuff! 
Recruitment is stressful and PNMs are just as nervousif not morethan you are! If you stumble in conversation or forget what you wanted to say about philanthropic events or sisterhood events, it will be okay. Just improviseand don’t forget to smile!  

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