alumnae at football game

The following story was submitted through Tell Your Story by Kamryn Kurtzner, Zeta Nu–Alma College.

I met my best friend, Andrea Aguilera, through Alpha Gam. We were seated next to each other in our pledge class. After college I moved to Texas and she moved to Chicago, but a few years later I moved to California and started to work at Stanford. Andrea told me she was looking for a change of pace so I told her about an open position at Standford. She landed the in-person interview and I flew to Chicago so we could road trip her out to California. Now we both work at Stanford together and only live a few miles away. It’s amazing how strong and long-standing our best friendship has been! I’m fortunate to have her in my daily life and I pay my dues in honor of her and our soulmate-level friendship.

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