alumnae volunteering at feeding america

As Alpha Gams, we are no strangers to volunteering and making the world a better place. We often find ourselves giving back to the community with our fellow sisters. But did you know volunteering can also benefit you and your career? 

Gain Experience and Skills 
Volunteering allows us to do things we don’t have the ability to do daily at our places of employment. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in different areas. For example, your children’s PTA is looking for a treasurer. This is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge about budgets and accounting information—skills you might need in order to be promoted at work or to receive a new position. 

Explore New Areas 
When it comes to volunteering, you are not tied to one area. You can explore many different areas—from working with the homeless or less fortunate to helping at an animal shelter, being an advisor for a collegiate chapter or teaching Sunday School at your church. After volunteering, you might realize you are interested in something different and want to pursue a new career. 
Gain Confidence 
Sometimes we need more confidence. We may want to pursue a leadership role at work but are afraid to take the risk. Volunteering is a great way to slowly step out of your shell, try new things without the worry of it affecting your job and potentially acquire practice being a leader. 
Volunteering allows you to meet new people. They may become your mentor, future coworker or even your next boss. Get to know the people you volunteer with. You never know when they might be able to help you acquire a new position or find your next job. 


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