Katie Abernathy with Leadership Consultant Team


This month, Alpha Gam welcomed Executive Director Katie Jolley Abernathy, Delta Theta–University of Idaho. Keep your eye out for the 2019 Spring issue of the Quarterly to learn more about her.

  1. She has two legacies. Riley (11) and Kennedy (9) are already well versed in all things squirrels, pearls and red, buff and green! 
  2. She serves as an Adjunct Faculty member in the Lacy School of Business at Butler University and currently teaches a course in the MBA program on Change Management. 
  3. Her older sister is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and was Panhellenic President at the University of Idaho when Katie was going through Recruitment. She is a shining example in Katie’s life. 
  4. Born in California, she grew up in the “Great State of Idaho.” She loves spending time in the mountains. 
  5. She has a rescue lab named Thunder who is her constant companion around the house and never lets her forget to get out and walk every day. 
  6. Katie has run two marathons, eight half marathons and completed two sprint triathlons—she loves being active! 
  7. She always has a good book on her night stand and loves all topics that include personal development and leadership. 
  8. When Katie really needs to concentrate on a project, she listens to the BeeGees, One Night Stand. There is something about the BeeGees that helps her be super productive and focused! 
  9. She received her MBA from the University of Illinois and had the pleasure to work as an advisor for Alpha Chi Omega as well as serve as Operations Advisor for Sigma Chapter. 
  10. Katie loves college sports! She knows the mascots of almost all our Alpha Gam campuses.

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