The following post was written by guest blogger Oakleigh White, Gamma Sigma–Troy University.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on everything we are thankful for. Alpha Gamma Delta has been one of my biggest blessings. Here are a few reasons why I am grateful for this sisterhood:

I am thankful for Alpha Gam because…

It made the transition from high school to college easier.

Like most, going to college was the first time I was on my own without any close-knit family nearby. Alpha Gam gave me a group of people to experience a year full of firsts with. From grabbing lunch and walking to class to participating in campus activities, I always had a sister close by.


It encourages involvement.

Campus involvement, both within Alpha Gam and out, helped me discover new interests and learn valuable skills I can take into my future career. My Alpha Gam sisters encouraged me to get involved in other organizations and to pursue my passions—even when it meant stepping outside my comfort zone.


It offers networking and professional opportunities.

Through conferences, service projects and webinars, my membership in AIpha Gam has provided me the chance to meet sisters and professionals from across North America. These women have educated me on different cultures and career options, thus allowing me to learn more about myself and others.


It gives me confidence.

Entering college, I was hesitant to go through sorority recruitment—and never dreamed I’d lead a chapter of more than 150 women. My sisters have shaped, mentored and supported me through my journey in Student Government, honor societies and as Chapter President. They continually show me I am capable.


It keeps me grounded.

Attending college gave me independence and freedom unlike anything I had ever experienced. Alpha Gam surrounded me with a set of standards and a group of older women to hold me accountable and ensure I am always the best version of myself.


It teaches me the importance of giving back.

I have always enjoyed serving others. Alpha Gam has taught me the importance of giving back continually, consciously and intentionally—serving in the community where I am placed.



It is a home away from home.

Everyone longs for a place where you can be yourself—judgment free. I know I can call a sister during the best of times and the worst. They make the good times great and never fail to remind me that tomorrow is always a new day.


It surrounds me with a loving sisterhood.

Whether across the world or right down the hall, I have learned what it means to be a loving sister. The values we share and dedication we have to Live with Purpose unites us throughout our college years and beyond. I am forever grateful to share this sisterhood with inspiring women.

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