Featured in the Fall 2018 issue of the Quarterly, Pearls of Wisdom: Your Career Closet, explains the key differences between business professional, business casual and snappy casual attire:

  1. Business Professional — Every day work attire, business professional items include a top (i.e. blouse, sweater), a bottom (i.e. skirt, slacks) and a jacket (i.e. a blazer, cardigan). Some places of business, such as a law firm, may require more formal attire such as a suit and hosiery.
  2. Business Casual — While made up of the same pieces as the business professional, business casual has a more casual feel. You might wear a less structured dress, capri pants or open-toed heels or sandals, if appropriate.
  3. Snappy Casual — Sometimes referred to as smart casual, snappy casual is typically one step below business casual. Shoulders should be covered and casual T-shirts should be avoided. Nice denim—free of rips or fraying—is acceptable.


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