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The following post was taken from Harvard Business Review, Learn to Love Networking. Read the full article here.

As important as networking is, most people don’t really like to do it. But according to Harvard Business Review, the loathing of networking can be overcome!

  1. Focus on learning – Consider a work-related social function you feel obliged to attend. You can tell yourself, “I hate these kinds of events. I’m going to have to put on a show and schmooze and pretend to like it.” Or you can tell yourself, “Who knows—it could be interesting. Sometimes when you least expect it, you have a conversation that brings up new ideas and leads to new experiences and opportunities.”
  2. Identify common interests – When your networking is driven by substantive, shared interests you’ve identified through serious research, it will feel more authentic and meaningful and is more likely to lead to relationships that have those qualities too.
  3. Think broadly about what you can give – Even when you do not share an interest with someone, you can probably find something valuable to offer by thinking beyond the obvious.
  4. Find a higher purpose – Any work activity becomes more attractive when it’s linked to a higher goal.


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