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There are countless stereotypes against sorority women—paying for friends, dating only fraternity guys, partying all the time—and none of them reign true. In fact, joining a sorority puts you ahead of your non-fraternity/sorority member friends after graduation. 

Being a part of a sorority requires a lot of time, commitment and skill. It’s more than attending social events and #throwingwhatyouknow for the ‘Gram. During collegiate years, most members have presided over committees, planned events, strengthened friendships and maybe even led their chapter as President. By the time they graduate, sorority women have gained a tremendous amount of applicable life skills. 

Many of these skills are acquired through the recruitment process—both as a Potential New Member and as an Initiate. What a woman learns during recruitment can and will benefit her career network. 

  • Commitment 

Have you heard the saying “Eat. Sleep. Recruit.”? It rings true, as recruitment requires time, commitment and more time—as does networking. To build a network of people you can lean on during your work-life years, you must make an effort during your spare time. Be proactive—get to know others who have found success within your chosen career path! 

  • Connection 

Networking is one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door when looking for a job, but it can require a lot of small talk, making a meaningful first impression and being able to carry on purposeful conversations. One of the major advantages of having participated in recruitment is that you’ve mastered it all! The once-daunting, nerve-wracking task of meeting new people becomes a natural habit. As you build your network, you will feel far more comfortable because you already know how to make conversations flow, how to be inviting and the importance of representing yourself well—through professional dress, body language and the curiosity of learning. 

  • Coffee Dates 

According to The Fraternity Advisor, more than nine million people are current members or alumnae of a fraternity/sorority and 85 percent of Fortune 500 executives have participated in fraternity/sorority life. So, just by joining a sorority, the opportunities to build a network are endless and the people you can relate to are insurmountable! So, grab a coffee and get to know those in other organizations around you. You never know who you might be introduced to!

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