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The amount of people you can network by being a part of a fraternal organization is substantial. Alpha Gamma Delta offers many opportunities to connect with sisters to create a professional network.

  • Connect via LinkedIn

Alpha Gamma Delta’s LinkedIn page publishes professional development content, alumnae spotlights, job opportunities and more! Be sure to join the Alpha Gamma Delta LinkedIn Group to meet sisters from all around the world who work in a variety of career fields. Not only is this a great way to reap the benefits of sisterhood, but also move forward in your professional goals.

  • Attend CircleUps

Anywhere you go, there is an opportunity to network. Alpha Gam offers a large variety of personal and professional development experiences for its members, such as Academy for Collegiate Officers, Academy for Chapter Advisors and—more specifically—CircleUps. These events are held in different cities across the United States and provide you the perfect opportunity to mingle with sisters and grow your professional network.

  • Engage with alumnae chapter/clubs

Joining an Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae chapter/club gives you the opportunity to make new friendships and gather with sisters for fun—just like you did during your collegiate years. By joining an alumnae chapter/club, you stay active in the Fraternity and continually build your network. Even if you live in a city that’s different from where you attended college, you can still be involved with the local alumnae chapter/club. Search our online Chapter Locator to find one near you.

  • Talk about your career ambitions

As a collegian, you have the privilege of seeing and talking to sisters every day. Be open about your professional goals and dreams—you never know who your chapter sisters know. They could have friends or family members who work within your desired career field and can help you learn more about what the industry is like and navigate the job search process.

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