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Eight seconds. Eight seconds is about all the time a Miss America contestant is given to introduce herself to thousands of people. To share her personal accomplishments and show the world who she truly is. But instead of letting people know where she went to school or what her favorite hobby is, Miss Michigan and Alpha Gam Emily Sioma, Alpha Beta–University of Michigan, called out the Flint Water Crisis.

Since 2014, Flint—the seventh largest city in Michigan—has suffered from contaminated tap water. Thousands of residents have been affected by lead contamination and an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. In her introduction, Sioma reminded everyone that the crisis isn’t over.

“From the state with 84 percent of the U.S.’s fresh water but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma.”

A bold statement that won over the audience and went viral over social media, Sioma’s use of her platform not only advocated for her state, but also represented Alpha Gamma Delta’s Purpose. People have taken notice.


Her courage inspired viewers across the world and sisters across North America applauded her and stated they couldn’t be prouder to be an Alpha Gam.


“Being at Miss America reminded me a lot of the amazing parts of being an Alpha Gam.” said Emily. “Being surrounded by the most brilliant, determined, passionate and accomplished women was so inspiring. But the best part? They were all cheering me on and encouraging me to be the best version of myself! I could truly see our mission statement—Inspire the women, Impact the world—coming to life through my time at Miss America because I just got a feeling that the women standing on that stage were going to change the world for the better. I am so grateful I live with our Purpose close to my heart because I know it has had a hand in shaping the woman I am today.”

Although you may not be on stage at Miss America, you can still make a difference! Emily wants every Alpha Gam to know:

“If you have a voice and the courage to use it, you have the power to change the world. You won’t always be given an opportunity to impact the lives of others, so sometimes you have to have the courage to make one! You have the power, the knowledge and the sisterhood to make your own amazing impact on the world. Be courageous, be daring and believe in your abilities!”

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