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The following post was written by guest blogger Katie Brumfield, Alpha Beta–University of Michigan.

Now that you’ve graduated from college, it’s natural to feel as though your sorority days are over. While you’ve grown and learned throughout your years in the organization, the values you looked for while going through recruitment have likely stayed the same. The connection to your fraternity/sorority doesn’t have to end just because college did.

While there are many opportunities to formally continue involvement with your sorority after graduation, such as becoming an advisor, volunteering, or joining an alumnae chapter, these options can sound overwhelming while also adjusting to a new stage of life. If you’re interested in this type of involvement for Alpha Gamma Delta, you can find more information here. But if you don’t feel like this type of commitment is for you, or at least not right now, there are various ways to feel connected. You don’t have to stay officially involved with the sorority itself to remain involved with the people and things you cared about. Think about why you joined your organization and continue that reasoning into your post-grad life.

If you joined for the sisterhood, one simple way to stay connected is by using social media. Following chapter sisters, whether they are current collegians or alumnae, is a great way to feel close and gives opportunities for networking. Social media can also open the door to meeting members from other chapters and organizations. Follow your chapter’s accounts to stay updated on events like homecoming, and campus happenings.

If your passion is philanthropy, continuing your philanthropic efforts as an individual can be a rewarding addition to post-grad life. Volunteer with sisters in the area, especially if you feel particularly connected to the philanthropic focus of your organization. If you’re located close to your college campus or a campus that affiliates with your organization, support their philanthropic events! It is an easy way to remain involved and support a cause that is close to your heart (and events often involve food—an added bonus).

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times since joining, a sorority has many benefits, and they don’t end when college does. The relationships, skills and insight you gained during your days as a collegiate helped you become who you are today, as well as gave you advantages to help navigate post-grad life. For example, you might have networking events and opportunities when you look for a new job, financial support to continue your education and the knowledge of having an extensive network of strong and supportive women behind you.

Portraying your values and the values of your organization in your daily life can continue your connection to the larger ideals of your sorority. Celebrating your successes and the successes of fellow alumnae can help you recognize the impact your organization has made on you, and subsequently the world and your communities.

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