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The following post was written by guest blogger Jen Przydzial, Zeta Delta–Towson University.

In college, being an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta was easy. You didn’t have to seek activity or sisters—they were part of your daily life. Now that you are part of the workforce and navigating the real world, you may need to find time in your schedule to attend an alumnae event or connect with a sister over a cup coffee. Staying connected with Alpha Gam may not seem like a top priority, but your engagement is important—to both you and the Fraternity. Here are just a few benefits of being an active alumnae member:

Networking: As an active alumna, you have the opportunity to connect with sisters of all ages in a variety of different fields. While you may not know it at the time, one of those sisters could connect you to your next job or help your place of employment find its next employee. Additionally, sisters can help you spruce up your resume, practice for a job interview or act as your mentor.

Philanthropy: With Alpha Gam’s new philanthropic focus of fighting hunger, you have many opportunities to become an active member in your community and help those experiencing food insecurities. This may help you satisfy a community service requirement at your place of employment or encourage you to engage your fellow coworkers in a community service project, such as organizing a food drive or volunteering at a local food bank.

Professional Growth: At some point in your career, you may be interested in obtaining an advanced degree or gaining additional skills needed for your profession. Everyone knows this can be an expensive endeavor. As an active alumnae member, there are scholarship opportunities available to you through the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

Leadership: As an alumna, you have many leadership opportunities—both at the local and international level. These opportunities may allow you to lead in new ways or hone skills that you don’t have the chance to use during the work hours. In addition to adding a bullet point on your resume, these leadership skills can help you move into a new position in the workplace.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless! Are there other ways that being an active alumna helped you in the working world?

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