The following post was written by guest blogger, Jessica Storoschuk, Beta Gamma–University of Manitoba.

The first few years after graduation can be a difficult transition, and the role Alpha Gam plays in our life changes along with us. Cori Jarotski, Gamma Eta–High Point University, credits her collegiate years with not only giving her a passion for Alpha Gamma Delta, but also helping her discover her purpose—teaching! Cory graduated this past spring, is now in her first teaching position and is pursuing a Masters in Education.

What chapter did you initiate into and what is your degree?

I initiated into the Gamma Eta chapter at High Point University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. I will start my master’s in education at High Point this fall!

What offices did you hold as a collegian in Alpha Gamma Delta?

I was Chapter President and Vice President-Chapter Wellness. My favorite work was my time spent on Philanthropy committee! During my time on Executive Council, I worked with a lot of sisters—about 250 to be exact—and I loved it. It was great experience because I now have about 160 students.

What is your best piece of advice for women holding their first office in Alpha Gam or within another organization?

You will get through it! Be calm; be proactive, not reactive—no matter what structure or position you are in. If you are in a position that requires some delegation, make sure you actually delegate. The more you delegate, the more your chapter and team will benefit.

What are some takeaways from your collegiate experience that will help you in your career?

When I received my sister-daughter, I realized had to be mindful of the influence my actions and choices made on her. For the rest of my life, I must be mindful of how I influence my students as a teacher.

Also, as Chapter President I learned every decision you make as a leader and member reflects on your whole chapter. I take this to heart now, because no matter what decision I make as a teacher, I know it will be reflective of the person I am.

How do you Live the Purpose through your career and your daily life?

I want to continue to Live with Purpose through my faith and by cherishing my friendships. I don’t necessarily mean building friendships with my students but cherishing my relationships and building rapport. Every student matters, no matter who they are.

What advice can you give new members joining Alpha Gam?

It goes by fast, so take it all in! I remember my Bid Day like it was yesterday, and I honestly wish I could go back. This is the start of something so special—cherish it.

What advice can you give graduating seniors?

Live it up! Alpha Gam and the connections you make will be there forever. Be sure you do everything you want to do as a collegian, so you don’t look back as an alumna with regrets. Participate in every recruitment and philanthropy event possible and volunteer. You will look back on these moments and realize just how much they enhanced your experience.

How do you plan on being involved as an alumna in the future?

I live close to High Point University and plan on being involved with my chapter as much as I can. If there ever is a need in the future, I would love to serve as a Chapter Advisor.

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