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The following post was taken from Forbes, 12 Tips For College Grads Entering the Workforce. Read the full article here.

Phew. The past four years are flying by! Or maybe, they’re already gone. Whether you are recent graduate or preparing for graduation, the thought of entering the workforce is at the forefront of your mind. There are so many tips to help you as you begin to transition from the role of student to coworker. Take this advice from Aaron Levy, a member of Forbes Coaches Council:

Make Mistakes, Then Learn From Them

Take it all in; it’s all new. Make sure to take risks, make mistakes, then learn from them. Each experience, no matter how awful it might feel at the moment, is going to be a powerful learning experience for you in the future. We learn more from our failures than our successes, so make a lot of mistakes early on when the stakes are lower, and soak in the learning. – Aaron Levy, Raise The Bar Consulting 

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