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Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus is fighting hunger, but what does that all entail? Read below for a better understanding of what we do and why we do it!


1. World Hunger vs. Fighting Hunger

Our Purpose calls us to contribute “to the community where [we are] placed” and that is why we focus on initiatives based in Canada and the United States. Remember, our philanthropic focus is fighting hunger—not world hunger.

During the process of shifting our philanthropic focus, there was a strong desire for local, hands-on service. By targeting domestic hunger issues, we can make an impact right in our own backyards!

2. Full Plates. Hearts. Minds.

In July 2017, we launched the Full Plates. Hearts. Minds. campaign to promote our new philanthropic focus. Not only is it a great logo for you to use, but it is also an important reminder of the meaning and intentionality behind the tagline:

  • Full: So often, hunger is associated with negative feelings of emptiness and being without. Alpha Gam’s focus brings to light what happens when a person is full— they can do, feel and be so much more.
  • Plates. Hearts. Minds.: Fighting hunger goes beyond providing plates of food. It provides someone a full heart of hope and a full mind to focus.

3. The role of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

Made possible by the generous donations of our members, The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation is able to provide grants to hunger-focused organizations in areas local to our chapters and clubs. In May 2018, the Foundation completed its first Fighting Hunger Grant cycle, granting $250,000 to 36 nonprofits.

To apply for one of these grants or to learn more about the process, click here.

4. Your Support

Volunteers and staff members are always willing to help you plan events, provide ideas or create resources for you in your fight against hunger. Click below to get connected!

  • Philanthropy Committee: The Philanthropy Committee is your go-to support for things like Hunger Action Month and Week of Service.
  • Campus and Community Specialists: Your chapter officers can help you brainstorm ways to involve members and set goals on fundraising or service efforts.
  • Engagement Manager: Your connection to IHQ Staff, the Engagement Manager can connect you to any resource you need, whether that be a person or document.
  • Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Staff: If you need help with raising funds, the Foundation can offer event ideas and provide instructions on how to properly send a check, etc.

And don’t forget about the Philanthropy Toolkit! A one-stop shop for all your fighting hunger needs, the Philanthropy Toolkit provides resources to help you better volunteer, raise funds and advocate for hunger.

5. Our Partners

In addition to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, we have partnered with Feeding America and Meals on Wheels America—two national organizations that provide meals to those in need and advocate on their behalf.

Did you know the woman who brought Meals on Wheels to North America was an Alpha Gamma Delta sister? Margaret “Peggy” Moffatt Toy, Alpha Epsilon—Westminster College, was responsible for starting the program in 1954 at the Philadelphia Lighthouse Settlement. Learn more about her and Meals on Wheels by listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

Want to be more involved? Find your local food bank here or find your local Meals on Wheels program here. Need more ideas or have further questions? Email philanthropy@alphagammadelta.org.


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