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On Father’s Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate our Alpha Gam fathers who protect us, support us and always believe in our dreams. Steven Witte is one of those special fathers, and his love of his family is matched by his generosity.

As a donor to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation since 2009, he is dedicated to continuing a legacy which began with his late wife, Lori Morton Witte. Lori, Beta Xi–Purdue University, entered Chapter Grand in 2006.

“I give in memory of my wife,” Steven said. “It’s a way I can say thanks and keep the connection alive. My daughter followed in her footsteps by becoming an Alpha Gam.”

Jenna Witte, Beta Xi–Purdue University, is Steven and Lori’s daughter. Jenna served as President and was a three-time Foundation Scholarship recipient.

“My dad means everything to me. He’s always encouraged me to follow my dreams and continues to be a constant source of advice, love and support,” said Jenna. “Giving back to the Foundation not only honors my mother but also shows his support of my decision to join Alpha Gamma Delta as well.”

In addition to having a special father-daughter bond, the two remain connected through their love of Purdue football.

“When we go to football games, we always stop into the house,” said Steven. “Jenna can see her friends and I can see some of my wife’s old friends. It’s a great way we can keep the relationship to the Fraternity strong.”

Happy Father’s Day to all our Alpha Gam dads!


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