“I’ve been able to work towards a master’s degree in teaching Spanish, which will directly benefit both me, as a teacher, and my students.” -Gina Manson, Xi—Illinois Wesleyan University.

Gina has been pursuing her masters in Spanish education and teaching full-time thanks to generous donations to the Foundation’s Continuing Education Grant Program.

AGD grant 6

Gina, left, and another teacher, leading a trip to Spain where students learn to improve their understanding of the Spanish language and culture.

“This financial support has meant everything to me! It’s allowed me to continue to pursue my goals by achieving higher degrees of education. After taking out so many undergraduate student loans, it would have been extremely difficult for me to pursue this degree while paying loans and avoiding further debt. Thanks to Foundation donors, I have been able to continue with my program to earn a Master’s degree. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

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