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Inspire Women - Share Your Story

Alpha Gamma Delta strives to capture and share our members' experiences. We are always searching for inspirational stories, just like yours, to feature on our social media, in our blog and in the Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly. Consider sharing your story with us, sharing a sister's achievements, or contacting us about being a featured writer in an upcoming issue.

We Are Searching for Stories and Writers!

If interested in becoming a contributing writer or industry expert for the Quartely, please email writing samples along with your full name, chapter association and a short bio summary (or resume) to quarterly@alphagammadelta.org. If sharing posts or social media announcements, please send high-resolution photos and captions and/or forward a link to the original post to socialmedia@alphagammadelta.org.

Family & Lifestyle - Share Your Story

  • Living or growing up in a multi-family household
  • My adoption story
  • Life as a military family
  • Atypical family traditions
  • Maternal figures - bonds we cherish
  • Continuing to co-parent - benefits and successes
  • Fostering healthy relationships later in life
  • Taking on a role in the family business

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  • How did you make commitments you actually kept?
  • How did you set healthy boundaries in an important relationship?
  • How did you negotiate a better job offer?
  • How did you make a social gatherings more memorable? 
  • How did you select the right indoor plants for a home or office space?
  • How did you grow a social following for a good cause? 
  • How did you prepare for retirement?
  • How did you encourage friends or family going through a tough time?
  • How to become a first-time homebuyer.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Being an ally or DEI professional in the world and workplace
  • Proud to celebrate my ethnicity 
  • Representation matters, recognizing success and efforts 
  • Highlighting leaders from minority groups and leadership in minority communities 
  • Sharing my cultural legacy and/or heritage
  • Recognizing first-generation students and graduates
  • Preserving lost stories from history
  • Everybody has an equal voice - practices and resources that make groups stronger.
  • Celebrating and integrating different cultures/backgrounds into weddings or event plans?
  • Were you or your employer recognized as a leader in DEI?

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Advice Column

  • Conversations with a Women's Health Professional
  • Debt recovery tips from a Financial Advisor 
  • Homeownership Questions Answered
  • Career Advice and Making Impressions
  • Making a full-time job out of a side-hustle hobby
  • Setting fitness goals you can feel good about
  • Making a big move for a career or relationship

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Membership & Alumnae

  • Share how you hired or networked with alumnae on Linked-In.
  • Share your chapter's Tik-Tok, success stories and tips.
  • Share random lessons from primary recruitment - things you never knew before, but now will never forget thanks to recruitment!
  • The sisters I never had - share how your Alpha Gam sisterhood feels as close as family.
  • Penpals - share your sisterhood correspondence over the years, despite the cost of stamps.

    Submit a sisterhood-related story!

Passion Projects & Special Topics

  • Keeping the craft alive - quilters and sewing, canning food, traditional folk art and music, crocheting, knitting, looming and needlepoint etc.  
  • My emotional support animal saved me - a journey through working with emotional support and service animals.
  • After the empty nest - taking on projects and changing my life when my kids moved out.
  • Repeat volunteer blood donors - why do you give back?
  • Things I wish I had done right after graduating college.
  • Looking at long-term relationships with mentors, personal trainers, life coaches, counselors, self-care professionals etc.

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Media Mix & Announcements

  • Are you a host or co-host on a podcast?
  • Did you publish a novel, children's book or digital book?
  • Did you receive a Distinguished Citizen Award? 
  • Are you giving a commencement speech at a university? 
  • Have you been inducted into a hall of fame?
  • Did the media recognize you for an accolade-driven award such as most influential people, 40 Under 40, or another honor?

    Submit a Media Mix story!

Highlighting Industry Professionals

Sharing your career journey or passion project with Alpha Gam readers!

How has Alpha Gam prepared you to be a leader in your line of work? Are you a champion for diversity in your workplace? Do you work in a male-dominated industry? Inspire other career-focused women and share your unique perspective, challenges or successes in the field or industry that you work in. If you want to join our contact list of industry experts, please email quarterly@alphagammadelta.org with your full name, chapter association, and professional background (including years of experience, and relevant credentials, if any).

We are searching for inspirational career stories and industry experts!

Submit your unique career story to the Quarterly today! (Don't see your career field represented? Send us a message.)

  • Accounting/Finance, Investing and Wealth Management
  • Animal, Veterinary and Zoology
  • Artists, Designers, and Makers
  • Business/Nonprofit Leadership, Small Business and Business Owners
  • Communication/Media, Broadcast and Authors/Bloggers
  • Cosmetologists, Beauticians and Estheticians
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Experts
  • Education, Administration and Student Services
  • Fitness, Athletics and Wellness
  • Food/Beverage, Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Healthcare, Women's Health/Public Health and Disease Control
  • Nature/Conservation, Animal Advocates and Outdoor Preservation
  • Music/Film Industry, Theater, Production and Recording 
  • Motivation, Life Coaching and Business/Executive Coaching and Public Speaking
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Services, Essential Workers, Armed Forces and Government
  • Politics, Law, Lobbyists and Activists
  • Researchers, Curators, Historians and Preservation Work
  • Travel Planners, Event Planners and Hospitality/Tourism
  • Therapists/Counselors, Caregivers and Special Needs Professionals
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