The Elections Committee’s central function is to assemble a strong and balanced ballot of candidates qualified for election to International Council. Alpha Gamma Delta relies on its officers to advance its mission, promote its values, support its services and programs and, in general, lead the Fraternity. Without a committed and knowledgeable representation of Alpha Gamma Delta’s diverse membership, the Fraternity cannot effectively serve its members or the broader fraternal movement. For this reason, the Elections Committee’s work is critically important.

Utilizing the Elections Committee job description and position criteria, the Fraternity’s Volunteer Development Committee will review nominations and provide a list of recommended candidates to IC. Candidates with personal and/or professional experience with recruiting, hiring and interviewing are highly desired (OR are of particular interest).

International Council will appoint members to the Elections Committee, with consideration to the recommendations of the Volunteer Development Committee. IC will assemble a committee which reflects the diversity of Alpha Gamma Delta’s membership and interests. As such, committee diversity includes, but is not limited to: age, geographic location, ethnicity and experience (e.g. positions held within Alpha Gamma Delta, as well as professional, volunteer and governance experience).


Would you like to serve on the Elections Committee? Click below to apply or make a nomination. If you would like to review the Elections Committee application, click here. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, August 23, at 11:59 p.m. ET.