International Council Elections


International Council members are the leaders of our Fraternity and encourage all sisters to Inspire the Woman. Impact the World. While serving on International Council, officers maintain awareness of current Fraternity issues, participate in carrying out our strategic plan and ensure the financial health of the organization. In addition, officers must understand the current nature of the fraternal movement and be willing to travel as necessary to represent the Fraternity.


The nomination process for the 2018-2020 Biennium is complete.


Elections are underway for the 2018-2020 Biennium. Members, chapters and clubs in Good Standing received ballots for the upcoming biennium to complete and return to our third-party Certified Public Accountant for counting. The results of the election are given to the Elections Committee the first week of April. After the results are announced to the members of the Fraternity, the ballots are destroyed by the CPA.

Please click here for the biographies of candidates for election to International Council for the 2018-2020 Biennium.

Please note: Alpha Gamma Delta policy states that Alpha Gamma Delta candidates may not campaign for a position and others do not campaign for her. Each voting member or entity has the obligation to vote her/their desire and not the expressed intention of another. Any electioneering should be reported to the Elections Committee Chairman or the International President and could be cause for removal from the ballot.



To be eligible for International Council service, a member must:

  1. Be an alumna in Good Standing
  2. Be current in paying yearly Alumnae Dues to the Fraternity
  3. Have served a minimum of two years as a Volunteer Service Team member, Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Trustee or Fraternity Housing Corporation board member any time prior to the beginning of the biennium of her proposed International Council service
  4. Provide biographical information and photo to the Elections Committee, which will be distributed with the ballot to voting members.
  5. Provide answers to a series of questions regarding the Fraternity, offer personal visions for the future of the organization and submit a brief statement itemizing three important issues that she believes the Fraternity is facing.

To be eligible for service as International President, in addition to the items listed above for International Council eligibility, a member must have completed a minimum of two years of service on International Council.


  1. Possess high ideals and attain somewhat unto them and serve as both internal and external ambassadors of the Fraternity
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity organization and programs
  3. Be able to communicate effectively to all entities within Alpha Gamma Delta and the community
  4. Be willing and able to fulfill all the specific duties of the office
  5. Be able to travel and to represent the Fraternity
  6. Accept the responsibility of conducting business for the good of the entire Fraternity
  7. Financially support the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

Questions? Please contact a member of the Elections Committee:
Benita Wilson Dick, Chairman
Diane Coulter
Lana Hedlind Johnson
Amanda Freind Nims
Patricia O’Connor Vreeland