Submission Due Dates:

  • Fall Issue: September 1
  • Winter Issue: December 1
  • Spring Issue: March 1
  • Summer Issue: June 1

Guidelines for photo submissions:

  • Photos should be no larger than 2MB and a resolution of 300dpi is preferable.
  • Acceptable formats are jpeg and png.
  • Send original digital images that are directly from your camera or downloaded on your computer.
  • Do not submit photos that have been uploaded to Facebook as the quality of the picture is often compromised.
  • Do not edit photos in any way prior to submission (i.e. cropping, adding text, etc.)
  • Do not embed/copy your photos into an email or MS Word document.
  • Print photos are acceptable, though digital photos are preferred.


Images that will not be used:

  • Photos with any live animals will not be used.
  • Limit 100 words or 3-5 sentences