Alpha Gamma Delta partners with EverFi to bring our members GreekLifeEdu®. This is an online prevention program designed to meet the needs of college students. This program challenges our members’ beliefs about alcohol, hazing and sexual assault while enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices.

The completion of GreekLifeEdu is a requirement for membership, and new members must complete the course prior to Initiation. While only part one of the course is required, International Headquarters strongly encourages all new members to complete part two for their own personal development.

At the start of each semester, Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters will provide each chapter’s Alpha Experience Coordinator with information on managing their chapter’s GreekLifeEdu. New members will receive information from their Alpha Experience Coordinator on how to create their own login so that they can create an account and complete the GreekLifeEdu course. If you need help with your login information, please contact