Submission Due Dates:

  • Fall Issue: September 1
  • Winter Issue: December 1
  • Spring Issue: March 1
  • Summer Issue: June 1


Alpha Gamma Delta encourages members to submit accomplishments, stories, news or content ideas to The Quarterly. Because of the volume of submissions received and the space constraints in our magazine, it is possible your material may not be used or that it will appear several issues later than you expect.

Please submit this report by email to or by mail to: The Quarterly8710 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260


Guidelines for photo submissions:

  • Photos should be no larger than 2MB and a resolution of 300dpi is preferable.
  • Acceptable formats are jpeg and png.
  • Send original digital images that are directly from your camera or downloaded on your computer.
  • Do not submit photos that have been uploaded to Facebook as the quality of the picture is often compromised.
  • Do not edit photos in any way prior to submission (i.e. cropping, adding text, etc.)
  • Do not embed/copy your photos into an email or MS Word document.
  • Print photos are acceptable, though digital photos are preferred.


Images that will not be used:

  • Pictures showing cluttered dining tables or with glassware that may be construed to contain alcoholic beverages.
  • Pictures in which subjects are wearing bathing suits or questionable attire.


Tips when submitting:

  • To keep news from appearing outdated, include events that will occur in the upcoming semester.
  • Make sure to keep your chapter report between 3-5 sentences or less than 100 words.
  • Limit 100 words or 3-5 sentences