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Recruitment Recommendation Forms are an important part of selecting new members in Alpha Gamma Delta. Based on feedback from collegiate members and alumnae, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions:

Why are recommendation forms important?

Like many other organizations in the National Panhellenic Conference, recommendation forms help collegiate chapters strategically recruit potential new members (PNMs). In addition, recommendations help chapters keep an accurate record of legacies participating in Primary Recruitment.

Who can write a recommendation?

Collegiate or alumnae members of Alpha Gamma Delta in Good Standing.

Where do I find this form?

The form can be found by visiting alphagammadelta.org > Join > Recommendations. You can also click here to access the recommendation form.

Where do I submit the form?

Recommendations should be mailed to the chapter’s campus address, ATTN: Membership Coordinator. Recommendations can also be submitted via email here. Make sure to save the form to your computer prior to filling in the information and hit save before emailing to the proper chapter or to recommendations@alphagammadelta.org.

Should I complete the form in writing or digitally?

Most chapters prefer the form be completed digitally because all details are more legible. In addition, chapters can store these forms through a digital platform. You may also complete the form in writing and mail it to the appropriate chapter if you do not have access to a computer.

What is the most important part of the form to complete?

Every part of the form is important, but the recommendation will not be accepted if the first page is incomplete. General information, Scholarship Information, Legacy Information, Recommendation Information and Recommender’s Information are all required in order to give the collegiate chapter a clear picture of the potential new member.

Do I have to complete the Supplementary Activities Form?

The Supplementary Activities Form is an optional second page. While it is recommended that a detailed resume and any other information about the PNM is sent to a chapter along with the Recommendation Form, the Supplementary Activities Form may be used to list PNM leadership, service, honors and awards if a resume is not attached.

Should I submit additional information such as resumes, photographs or transcripts?

As a best practice, always attach additional information like a resume, photograph or transcript to the form. If these items are not available, complete the Supplementary Activities Form.

If you have any additional questions about Recruitment Recommendation Forms, contact the Membership Growth Team here.

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